It is a well known fact that the Arab world has one of the youngest populations in the world with an astounding 20% of the region being under the age of 25. While saturated job markets, limited government resources and bloated bureaucracies are driving many young people to look for opportunities outside of the Arab world, many young Arabs are choosing to stay and start their own movements and businesses.

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A young voice for a young world

The Soukie Speaks blog focuses on helping young people thrive in the MENA region, by promoting empowering and inclusive social, cultural and economic narratives for all. In this space, young dreamers and entrepreneurs (aka as ‘treps) can share their ideas, passions, frustrations and views, and together, we can build stronger and more vibrant communities for generations to come. Youth of the world, don’t be afraid of dreaming, because now you have a community of people to help you dream and build a better future for yourself!