Photo Series Day 4: Having a Sense of Humor #InMyBurkini


Photo Credit: The Relaxed Photographer

As, you might have noticed already, this is not me, but the Rachidi family dog Eva. Eva believed the #InMyBurkini initiative so much that she decided to wear my Burkini in solidarity. Yes, I am goofy like that, which is why I’m always amused when people meet me and are surprised by the fact that I have a sense of humor. I know in their heads they’re thinking “I didn’t think Muslim people were allowed to laugh.” That being said, I do understand where this stereotype comes from. How many times have I been faced with “religious” people who had a permanent scowl on their faces, because they felt it “made them more religious?” The irony of the fact is, is that there is an Islamic hadith, a narration of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), that equates smiling in the face of your fellow human to an act of charity. So, why aren’t more people smiling? Let’s just say that I’m very charitable.

Be inspired: I’m not the only Muslim gal with a sense of humor! Linda Sarsour, the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York and a prominent civil rights activist in the U.S.A, was recently featured in a funny Huffington video titled “The Struggles of Fasting in a Non-Muslim Office.” Make sure to check it out here!


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